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                                                       Social Media Festival Pakistan 2018

26-27th March, 2018 

Venue: University of Lahore Main Campus, 1-Km Defence Road Off Raiwand Road Lahore

Social media has quickly become an integral part of our lives; perhaps most importantly though, it has become a substantial source of constant information. Nothing else is so abundant in user-created content, content which is then shared, exchanged, reviewed and discussed, creating a dynamic network possible of considerable and quantifiable change. Used in nearly all sectors, from marketing to the recent social-media planned uprising in Arab countries, social media has without a doubt become a very powerful tool. 

In Pakistan specifically, social media is predominantly used by the youth for personal ends, although the commercial and corporate sectors are quickly entering the fray. Although it does not hold the same influence as in most Western countries, this can be ascribed purely to the less than adequately educated populace and internet connectivity issues in far flung areas. However, even in areas where social media is a usual part life it has not evolved the way it should have. Looking at it in Pakistan’s perspective we have noticed the misuse of Social Media by individuals and groups in twisting our national narrative and presenting it negatively as per suitable agendas. In the time of Information technology revolution work needs to be done on protecting our ideological sovereignty by understanding dynamics of cyber terrorism and identifying ways and means to counter them. Social Media Festival in lights of Paigham e Pakistan also aims at shedding light on Perception Management. Looking at it from the lens of Security Council’s Resolution 2354 there is an urgent need for coordinated efforts in countering terrorists groups and organizations in spreading and selling their narrative to the youth in the name of self sacrifices. A complete segment in the Social Media Festival is dedicated to countering Violent Extremism in this digital age which will involve CVE experts.  


It is these issues which spawned the creation of the Social Media Festival 2018 (SMF’18). There is a need for the youth and professionals alike to start using social media efficiently and effectively, and realizing its potential. SMF’18 will be a 2-day conference, conducted by Center for Sustainability Research and Practice at university of Lahore, with different sessions related to different aspects of social media. The sessions hope to be interactive and content-rich,infusing as much as they can into the audience during their time period.



  • Create and foster a positive and professional environment of social media through its users
  • Educate the participants on different aspects and of social media, and how to use them effectively
  • Train the youth on how to manage start-up marketing through social media, creating sustainable development
  • Provide platform where active youth on social media will be physically available to interact.

Day 1



Day 2

Plenary Session


Perception Management in the light of Paigham e Pakistan: A narrative of Peace



Plenary Session


Pakistan and Social Media: Protection of Ideological sovereignty in the Digital Age

Plenary Session


Ethical Paradoxes: Safe Surfing in Digital Age



Keynote Session


Dynamics of Cyber Terrorism during fifth generation warfare and countering violent Extremism.


Understanding dynamics of cyber terrorism and identifying ways and means to counter them.

The Future for Social Media in Education and Creating a New Channel for Learning


Today’s Higher Education Faculties and Using Social Media to Interact, Teach, Share and Learn


Working Hand in Hand: Promoting Successful Social Enterprises through Social Media

Using social media for capturing knowledge, encouraging sharing, enabling action as well as empowering people




Keynote: Implementing a Social Media Marketing Plan with Limited Resources

Leverage all available marketing material from your company to begin your social media marketing plan

Develop a social media strategy and policy that enable your program to grow and thrive

Identify the right social marketing and analytical tools available to execute a successful social marketing plan

Collaborate with partner organizations to highlight synergies and connect with key audiences

Add a social layer to your website to increase audience engagement and build awareness for your mission


Keynote: Social Media in Pakistan; Is Change on the Way?


Platform for social debating

Platform for spreading the information

Platform for locating and monitoring the humanitarian aspect

Platform for advocating the social cause

Platform for political communication

Keynote: General Elections 2018: Social Media Report

Reporting on the major changes since the last elections:

Primary reason for increased social media being increased involvement of the youth

Comparisons between different social media sites and their content (facebook, twitter,pintrest etc.)

Implications of, and benefits of the use of social media in election campaigns in Pakistan, if any

2008, 2013 and 2018, differences, changes; charting progress

Campaigning social media impact vs. rigging allegations social media impact

Keynote: Social Media Outreach Initiatives: Expanding Customer Base on Social Media to Previously Untapped Users

Realizing the unique obstacles in Pakistan on using social media as a primary marketing tool

Strategies to maneuver around these obstacles

Benefits of increased spending and budget allowances for social media – are the costs worth the returns?


Citizen Journalism: Implications, Consequences, and Responsibilities

Discuss and analyze the limitless nature of citizen journalism

History of citizen journalism in Pakistan

Fostering an environment of integrity; citizen journalism is generally completely uncensored

Benefits of, and habitats needed to create a unbiased, effective and open citizen journalism ecosystem in Pakistan


Keynote: Facebook Pages to SME’s. How Do You Make The Leap?

Steering and changing consumer’s perceptions from a ‘page’ to an ‘organization’

Changes in social media strategy required to accomplish this

Realize the consequences of coming out of a niche and moving to a wider audience

Managing resources, and setting up a social media hub that supports them

Implementing the required changes: establishing a system for a smooth transition

Social Media Based CSR: Creating, Managing and Steering Goodwill for Profit