Artificial Intelligence, Technology in Education, Media for Good


The 2nd Social Media Festival on Artificial Intelligence, Technology in Education, Media for Good is the second in the series with the first being successfully held in 2018. Center for Sustainability Research and Practice (CSRP), University of Lahore has decided to take this further, keeping the scope and significance of it in contemporary developments. It would be conducted on February 21st and 22nd, 2019.

There is a need for the youth and professionals alike to start using social media efficiently and effectively, realizing its overarching potential. SMF’19 will be a 2-days festival with Various Sessions, Group Tasks and Presentation, and Social Networking Performances, related to different aspects of social media, to train young participants specifically on the above-mentioned theme. The panel discussions and keynote sessions would be interactive and content-rich, infusing for the focused-group audience during the festival.


  • Create and foster a positive and professional environment of social media through its
  • Educate the participants on different aspects and of social media, and how to use them
  • Train the youth on how to manage start-up marketing through social media, creating sustainable development.
  • Provide platform where active youth on social media will be physically available to interact.

Participants: All young students, professionals and experts (18-35 years) can participate.

  • Call for competition on Ideas of Advocacy Campaign


It is an open call for a 3-5 members group to register for Ideas of Advocacy Campaign. The Group
would have 45 minutes and present their ideas before the audience in 5 minutes.

  • Team would be given time for brainstorming and basic research for preparing specific topic given on the spot, relevant to the theme of the Festival.
  • The group activities would be facilitated and supervised by the organizing committee
  • Judges will select the best three Groups, based on their ideas and presentation.

  • Call of Invitation for Video: A Public Service Message on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


It is an open call for an edited video of 1 minute on SDGs.  

  • Videos one any one SDG, multiple or generally on entire concept of SDGs (1 Minutes)
  • It can be either on its concept or in practice or a specific case study and should be research-based and of advocacy nature to generate awareness among the public.
  • Either in Urdu or English or using sub-titles.
  • One participant can submit one or more than one videos.
  • Screening of all submitted videos and would also be invited to attend the festival with certificate of participation.
  • Top 3 videos would be awarded and given performance certificates.

For Submission and Further Contact –

Email: zainab_zainab37@yahoo.com | ormuslim111@hotmail.com

   Phone: +92-320-4511094 | +92-322-7916616

Deadline for Submission: February 15th, 2019

      Venue:  University of Lahore (Main Campus), 1-km Defence Road, Lahore

Festival Dates: February 21st and 22nd, 2019

Core Team

Zainab A. Raza
Communications Coordinator CSRP
Obaid ur Rehman
Young Development Fellow CSRP
Aisha Afzal
Young Development Fellow CSRP
Shan Fatima
Young Development Fellow CSRP