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At the regional meeting of the 6th World Youth Congress in Rio de Janeiro, the representatives of Peace Child International (PCI), Blue Ribbon Movement and HILA (Now CSRP) had the core agenda of taking the first step towards SAYC 2012 by making it a round of conferences moving from India to Pakistan. Consequently, SAYC 2012 was hosted from 5th– 10th November 2012 in Islamabad, Pakistan.
The SAYC witnessed the birth of the South Asian Youth Coalition – a group of youth organizations committed to building a stronger region. The SAYC thus became a focal point for these highly influential change makers to connect, collaborate and build connections.

Every bit of help for SAYC is a step towards a peaceful region – We did and are doing ours , we are sure you will do your bit.

Highlights of our previous conference from 2012