Center for Sustainability Research and Practice is a Youth Led Independent Think Tank working towards Sustainable development and Global Goals.

Center for Sustainability Research and Practice (CSRP) is independent and non-partisan think-tank with youth-led approach, based at The University of Lahore, working towards UN approved sustainable development as per Global Vision 2030 and other global goals aimed at human-ecosystem coexistence that satisfies the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations, guaranteeing the balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social well-being.
We have been collaborating and partnering with both public and private sectors in areas of mutual concern, including Government of Pakistan (GoP), Provincial governments in Punjab, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), Peace Child International, and other prestigious organizations.

CSRP started as a Youth Led Non Profit organization from Islamabad, Pakistan in early 2012 focused on Youth and Social Development. A group of like minded young people came together in the Leadership of Mr. Muhammad Naseem Khan Achakzai and formed HILA (Hope Inspiration Leadership Ambition) which was later on transformed into the Center for Sustainability Research and Practice at the University of Lahore.

Our Objectives

– Advocacy, Lobbying and Consultancy based on cross-cutting, in-depth, and infusing policy research approach that driven by solution-oriented design in the area of Sustainable Development Goals’ significant domains of the social – ecology, economics, politics and culture.
– To synergize the scholarly applied research in public policy that can serve as insight and foresight of academic and field experts for the decision and policy-makers in taking appropriate steps in favor of public interest.
– It is aimed at creating the homogeneity and bridging the gap between youth from all over the country and also the world with the help of projects related to SDGs and to fill communication gaps among national and international youngsters from different countries across the globe, allowing them to empower and strengthen each other through shared knowledge, practices, opportunities and aspirations.

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The University of Lahore believes in delivering excellence in research and learning. Our ability to add to your academic and social skills will allow you to lead in your professional career. We aim to create high-quality graduates who are practically skilled to enter the world of work. The University of Lahore is recognised as the largest private sector university of Pakistan, and there is no better time to join the university when it is expanding internationally with campuses and networks being developed across the world.

We believe in commercialisation and entrepreneurship and have invested in the establishment of enterprises in order to ensure that our students gain hands-on experience that actually matters for graduating students. Our academic standards are high and we believe in encouraging independent thought driven by creativity and critical insight. You will experience our faculty that is one of the best in Pakistan and believe in research and expression in academic terms.

The experience at a university for a student is not only driven by the excellence in academics and research but the entire experience of being involved in the projects that the university takes on, as well as the experiences that a student gains outside the classroom. We have extensive activities ranging from sports to cultural events, media and society events etc that keep you engaged and entertained across the year.

The University of Lahore has now expanded internationally with its first move to Uganda providing support to setup a medical school. We believe that internationalisation is an important step towards ensuring that experiences are shared both academically and intellectually. We also have the largest international community in a private sector university with students from 15 different countries currently enrolled with us.

We provide extensive support to our students including preparing for career, mentoring, personal and financial support. Your success at The University of Lahore will be the measure of our success in delivering high quality education. I look forward to welcoming you to The University of Lahore.


CSRP realises that social unrest among the youth can lead to unavoidable, which have already started jerking their optimism.


CSRP realises that social unrest among the youth can lead to unpleasant consequences, which have also started jerking their optimism.


In order to prevent the huge amount of talent that may be wasted, CSRP designs channels to divert any negative aggravation.


“Envisioning a sustainable existence and development of human species in harmony with its environment, it a research center to do holistic, multi-dimensional and inter-disciplinary policy research, capacity building and steps robust advocacy measures in the country and internationally”.

Youth Oriented
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Our Founder


Mr Naseem Khan Achakzai

Naseem is a social development specialist and an activist from the mountains of Balochistan Province in Pakistan. He holds a Masters degree in Public administration and is also a Commonwealth Scholar for MSc Poverty Reduction at SOAS, University of London. Naseem began his journey as a volunteer working for flood victims in Pakistan and gained first hand experiences in the field. He has worked in the far flung areas of Pakistan and all his volunteer and social work gained him professional qualifications in terms of scholarship awards to further equip him with required and professional knowledge and skills. He is also the founder of a Youth led Non Profit organisation named HILA which is now being transformed in to a social enterprise by the name of Mosaic Social. Naseem has represented Pakistan at the 6th World Youth Congress in Rio and has served as the Director of the 2nd South Asian Youth Conference held in Islamabad, Pakistan. Through the conference he brought 120 future leaders of South Asia under one roof to discuss the role of youth and take action for the development of the region. He has served as the Director Operations of CDRS a 501c(3) Non profit working in Pakistan since 2005. Naseem has also been the Chairperson of the International Youth Council’s Pakistan chapter which was founded at the United Nations Youth Assembly in 2007. He has been speaking at many conferences related to youth development and Volunteerism in the Past and has also been a Tedx Speaker. Apart from all the professional work and experiences Naseem is very fond of Social Media and has also done a successful project of an Online Youth Radio connecting youth from South Asia online. 
Currently heading the Center for Sustainability Research and Practice, UOL Lahore

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